“ I Am” Red Lotus Root Chakra Waist Bead


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“I Am” Red Lotus ✨♥️✨ 

Matte red ♥️ to stimulate your root chakra

With a Beautiful Red Coral Crystal Centerpiece bordered By 14k Gold beads.

Activate your Root Chakra so you can:

✨ Trust your gut.. Literally.

✨ Feel security in your heart ♥️ 

✨ Let go of pain and resentment.

✨ Fully embrace Self Love.

✨ Manifest prosperity, protection and peace.

The Red Lotus is a powerful expression of the Root chakra.

“It is symbolized by a red, four-petaled lotus with a yellow square at its center.”

The Beautiful “I Am” Red Lotus Waistbeads 

are best for you if trying to tap into:

✨ Your Moment.

✨ Security & Certainty.

✨ Natural Pleasure

✨ Passion.

✨ Blissfulness.

✨ Concentration/focus and grounding.