Order Processing and Shipping

All orders, including waist beads and other goods, are processed and shipped the same day using fulfillment by Amazon, ensuring you receive your items promptly.

Refunds and Exchanges

For all refunds, exchanges, or questions related to shipping, please handle these through Amazon. Their policy for exchanges and returns is not only quick and convenient but also allows up to 30 days to report any defects or issues with your purchase, providing full and partial refunds, ensuring your satisfaction with every order.

Package Insurance

All packages are insured, and in the rare event that any of your items are lost or damaged during delivery, they will be replaced through Amazon’s seamless process. There is no need to send us an email or DM for such matters as Amazon will effectively handle these concerns.

Tying Instructions

To ensure a satisfying experience with your waist beads, follow the tying instructions and watch the ‘how to tie’ video to avoid any mistakes, dropping beads, and potentially ruining the experience.

Contact for Intentions Setting

Looking to set your intentions for your next strand? Feel free to contact me on Messenger, and I’ll be more than happy to assist you in setting positive and purposeful intentions for your next waist bead strand.