“The Master Healer” Clear Quartz Waist Beads


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Fits Up To 60 Inches(If larger is needed, please leave it in the notes at the checkout)

Clear quartz is known as the master healer. 

I created these at a time when I was facing feelings of vulnerability, dealing with constant, and uninvited change. This disruption pushed me into a corner and forced me to face unhealed wounds that I had been carrying.

I wanted freedom from the anxiety and I decided at that moment enough is enough!

I created this strand to help the divine feminine Overpower toxic energy that haunts her with the power of clear quartz.

With the large stones positioned above the uterus, it amplifies the energies of the womb, opening the portals of intuition.

Clear quartz also amplifies energy, thoughts and the effects of any other crystal. 

Clear quartz is believed to aid in concentration, unlock memories and enhance psychic abilities when combined with deep meditation.

When my anxiety became overwhelming, and it felt impossible to concentrate I held this strand tightly until the feeling subsided. Eventually, I felt more balanced and as I deepened my meditation my concentration became strong as ever!

Try combining this strand with varying colors to activate chakras!

Setting intentions

If you’d like me to set any special intentions for this strand let me know in the notes section.

Each strand is handcrafted and unique based on intentions. Because of this, It may vary slightly in design.