Heart’s Harmony Rose Gold & Mica Bracelet


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Embrace the serenity of nature with the “Heart’s Harmony Rose Gold & Mica Bracelet,” a captivating fusion of meaningful gemstones. Crafted with 8mm Muscovite Green Mica balls, these stones represent the soothing energy of nature, bringing balance and calmness to your spirit. Intertwined with the Mica are 2mm rose gold hematite beads, grounding you in sophistication and promoting mental clarity. Complementing these, the 6mm rose quartz faceted beads infuse the bracelet with the gentle essence of love and compassion. As you wear the “Heart’s Harmony Rose Gold & Mica Bracelet” immerse yourself in the tranquil symbolism of each stone – from the verdant Mica promoting balance, to the grounding influence of rose gold hematite, and the loving energy emanating from rose quartz. Let this bracelet be a wearable oasis, connecting you to the serene beauty and meaning of nature’s gemstones.

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