Yoni Steam


Yoni Steaming is powerful for nourishing the uterus, regulating menstrual cycles, reducing menstrual pain, supporting fertility and reproductive health. It also supports spiritual & emotional cleansing and healing by reconnecting you to your divine feminine energy. 

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Disclaimer: Yoni steaming while pregnant can be dangerous because the steam relaxes and opens the cervix, which could result in miscarriage or early labor.


Yoni Steam for: 

Fertility:  is perfect for those suffering from PCOS or having a hard time trying to conceive.

Snap Back : Just had baby? this blend is perfect for you. It aid in producing vagina fluids and shrinking your womb back to pre-pregnancy size.

Pussy Power:  This blend is ideal for those who are looking to strengthen and enhance their womb power.

Self Love: This blend is designed for those who are looking to tap into their divine feminine energy.

Purifying : Suffering from chronic vaginal infections? This blend will help to clear infection causing bacteria.  


Yoni (vaginal) steams are practice by which women allow for the steam of herbs to clean their outer and up to the inner vagina. Yoni steaming is a powerful way to revive and connect with your divine femininity. 

A few great benefits of yoni steaming are:

  1. Yoni steaming has been known to reduce or eliminate cramps.
  2. It’s a way to reconnect with your inner goddess
  3. It detoxes your body
  4. It can help increase fertility
  5. Promotes healing after child birth
  6. Aids in heal hemorrhoids
  7. Promotes the healing of scared tissue
  8. Reduces vaginal infections

When to steam:

🌻If you just had a Baby

🌻If you get Yeast Infections

🌻If you get Period cramps

🌻If you experience pain during sex

🌻If you want to remove bacteria from sex

🌻If you suffer from vaginal odor 

🌻If you want to be wetter

🌻If your Yoni needs a cleanse from sexual partners