Love Amethyst Rose Pure Harmony Trio 3 pcs set


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Introducing our “Pure Harmony Trio” – A 3-Piece Bracelet Set Step into a world of serenity, elegance, and crystal meaning with our Pure Harmony Trio. This carefully curated 3-piece bracelet set seamlessly blends the tranquil energies of white howlite, the grounding properties of white marble, and the sophistication of white and gold beads to create a harmonious ensemble. **1. White Howlite Bracelet with Round Beads & Quartz Druzy Connector:** *Crystal Meaning – Serenity and Calm* At the heart of this captivating trio lies our White Howlite Bracelet, adorned with smooth round beads and a mesmerizing quartz druzy connector. White howlite is renowned for its serene energy, promoting inner calm and tranquility. As you wear it, allow the soothing essence of white howlite to wash over you, bringing a sense of peace to your mind and spirit. **2. White Marble Crystal Chip Bracelet with Gold Centerpiece:** *Crystal Meaning – Grounding and Balance* Complementing the howlite’s tranquil energy is our White Marble Crystal Chip Bracelet, featuring an exquisite gold centerpiece. White marble is known for its grounding properties, helping you find balance amidst life’s challenges. This bracelet invites you to stay centered and connected to the earth’s energies, promoting a sense of stability and serenity. **3. White & Gold Bracelet with Faceted Beads:** *Crystal Meaning – Sophistication and Clarity* Completing the trio is our White & Gold Bracelet, adorned with faceted beads that radiate sophistication. The combination of white and gold signifies clarity and refinement. This bracelet enhances your aura with an air of elegance, encouraging you to embrace the beauty of simplicity and the clarity of purpose. Individually, each bracelet in the Pure Harmony Trio offers unique qualities of serenity, grounding, and elegance. Together, they create a harmonious blend of style and profound meaning, elevating your energy and promoting a sense of inner peace and balance

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