3 Secret Steps to Guarantee Your Intentions become REALITY

How to Ensure Your Intentions Manifest: Setting Intentions the Right Way

Is life… life-ing? Do you feel deeply connected with a sense of purpose? Are you truly fulfilled or is life just dragging along? If life just happens to you randomly, instead of as you planned it, you need to read this.

Maybe you’ve tried manifesting or setting intentions before, but it didn’t work, so you gave up on it.

If you can relate to this, 9 out of 10 it’s because you’re not setting your intentions correctly. Most people don’t - even if they think they are. But they are so used to not getting what they want in life that they don’t question why their intentions fail to manifest. At heart, they don’t truly expect their intentions to manifest. They have wishes, just like everyone else, but they only manifest disappointment.

I see hundreds of women fail to manifest their intentions because they are missing these 3 vital steps, I’m going to share with you.

Establishing a ritual of setting intentions correctly significantly increases the likelihood of your wishes coming true.

Those who’ve mastered setting intentions properly, rarely complain. They live in a realm of constant gratitude. They are “too blessed to be stressed”. They receive their gifts daily and recognize what belongs in their life and what doesn’t.

Here are 3 steps to ensure your intentions become reality.

Be Specific!

Women inherently possess a creative energy, which will be harnessed consciously or unconsciously. So be intentional! It’s imperative that you clearly define your intentions specifically as well as setting a realistic timeframe for its manifestation. Realistic is the operative word. You want your intention to feel as close to reality as possible. You need to be able to answer who, what, when, where, and why, when it comes to your intentions.

Precise visualization is key. Any vague intentions might lead to unexpected results that can backfire! Use your creative powers intentionally - not accidentally.

“The path to hell is paved with good intentions” they say. But here’s the thing: The universe is not “good” or “bad” - it just is what it is. It’s not about “good” intentions, it’s about specific intentions. First, know what you’re manifesting, then afterwards you can judge whether it’s good or bad for yourself.

See the Truth

Imagine having a savings account with millions of dollars in it, yet being unaware of its existence. You might go about your daily life, budgeting tightly and feeling the pinch, not realizing you have ample funds to tap into. This can lead you to make decisions under the assumption of lack, when in reality, abundance is just a bank visit away.

Often, the universe has already blessed us with gifts, but our inner sight might be clouded, causing us to overlook (and ultimately lose) them.

Visualize your heart's desires clearly and specifically. By doing so, you can truly see and cherish the blessings that are already yours, and also be ready to welcome new ones. Remember, it's possible that the very thing you yearn for is already abundant in your life, just waiting to be recognized. Embrace it or lose it forever.

How are Waist beads used in this process?

Using waist beads with intention-setting can be deeply transformative. Tying the knot on a new strand of Waist beads is meant to be a powerful reminder of your deepest aspirations, promoting mindfulness and visualization - the two most important ingredients in manifesting anything.

  1. African waist beads have a history associated with transitioning into womanhood, but can be used to represent any powerful and feminine life transformation.
  2. Wearers rarely ever forget the when, where, and why behind their waist beads, making the intention into a part of their subconscious.
  3. Beads and crystals bear specific significance and energies tied to specific intentions. Understanding the meaning behind these creates the mental clarity needed to properly manifest any intention.

Be Receptive

For your intention to materialize, you must be receptive. Manifest your desire by accepting the possibility that what you want is near and may appear in unexpected forms. Believe your wish is already granted, like a package out for delivery. You might not know exactly what the packaging looks like, so you need to be open minded. But you know the substance of your desires is imminent. You believe it and you live daily with expectation and gratitude about your intention as if you’ve already received it.

Living with this expectation and gratitude reinforces your clarity and signals to the universe of your readiness to receive.

Beginning this journey with the symbolic act of tying waist beads reminds us that our intentions are intimately tied to our being.

Clearing obstructions from your path enhances the universe's ability to deliver. This might mean letting go of conflicting habits or associations. Maintain focus on your core intentions, despite fleeting moods. While various symbols might serve this purpose, waist beads stand out as:

When an intention associated with a waist bead strand materializes, it's customary to remove it, symbolizing transition and making space for new intentions.

Set Your Intentions Today

The universe provides generously; our task is to perceive its gifts. Recognizing these blessings is often the challenge, underscoring the significance of visualization. What intentions resonate with you?

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