Self Love Workshop v1 [December 29th 2020]


On December 29th 2020 at 9:30pm EST

I’m hosting my first ever virtual Self Love Workshop to help you identify your true purpose so that you can manifest your true desires right now!

The biggest Secret most people don’t know is this:

You can manifest a massive change in your life in the blink of an eye.

We’ve hand selected highly accomplished and respected goddesses from the community to gift you with their endless wisdom:

You’re going to learn how to tap into your true potential, using the same techniques I’ve personally used to create fulfillment in my own Self Love journey (relationships, personal finances, health and weight loss etc…)

You will also discover the one thing standing between you and unlimited prosperity, wellness and love.

Then, you’ll confront it!

So you can finally experience the real you!

You’ll be guided step-by-step through your evolution. You will:

Turn on the lights! Identify self limiting beliefs so you can overcome and experience more happiness.

Claim it! Redefine who you are and what you’re willing to accept and watch the universe grant you your desires.

Heal! Learn Powerful Self Love Rituals you can use to instantly trigger healing energy.

Grow! Find true purpose and meaning in your life experiences, so you can create more 

“How do I know if Amethyst Rose’s Self Love Workshop is for me?”

Are you looking for a powerful rejuvenation from the challenges of 2020, that will help you enter 2021 at your highest level of consciousness?

If you’ve found yourself feeling:

❌ Stuck or bla.

❌ Unmotivated.

❌ Hurt or bitterness.

❌ Confused or in a daze.

❌ Emotionally blocked.

❌ Overly emotional.

These are all signs that should not ignore.

Every day you live under your potential is one less day of happiness, purpose and fulfillment.

And here’s the harsh but honest truth:

There’s a chance you will NOT experience your full potential.

Learn the fatal Self Love mistake that every goddess must avoid in order to unlock and keep abundant happiness and prosperity.

It’s easy to assume that “one day” things will improve. And it’s true… things might improve IF you take the next steps to evolve.

The only way to manifest your true desires is through internal peace, healing and growth.

We’re going to help you see the good in you. Then, we’re going to GROW that good into a tree of abundance.

I’m going to help you build a long term, healthy and satisfying relationship with the woman in the mirror

In my Self Love Workshop we’ll cover:

Shadow Work. Learn easy mental hacks to overcome negative thoughts and quickly find peace, even if you’ve suffered emotional trauma.

Setting Intentions. Learn how to set intentions that REALLY make a difference.

Tying The Knot. 🤫 This is a Life Transforming Ritual you will NEVER forget!

Virtual Self Care. Learn Chakra Balancing Exercises you can practice anywhere to invoke positive energy.

And so much more!

Are you ready for your breakthrough?

Purchase now to access my Dec 29th Self Love Workshop and receive a 50% discount and access to my invite only Facebook Group:

Amethyst Rose – Self Love Workshop [Invite-only]

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